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Leisure and getaways

A stay on 'Ile aux Nattes' island is in itself a great getaway… There are no roads, no cars. This island is a journey apart from time where nature remains preserved and intact.

Canoe trip

Our boat

It is a 15-horsepower boat, capable of carrying up to six persons. It's intended to navigate inside the lagoon, ensuring the shuttles between the two islands or goods transport.

Sea excursion

It can also be used for coastal fishing, snorkeling by the coral reef, or whale watching near the same barrier (100 meters away from shore).

We also propose various boat excursions:

Boat excursion rates are detailed in the price list…

Humpback whale

Cultural life, hikes, attractions

I love to share my passion for this place with our visitors during peaceful walks through nature, where you'll explore the surrounding trails, observe the wildlife, discover the traditions of the locals.

A small path through the rice fields

You'll soon embrace the way of life of the population, exchanging smiles and friendly moments. A football game facing the sea for the most courageous…

A football game next to the ocean

As for activities, there's bathing of course, the west coast of the island being one of the few places where it's possible to swim in clear and calm waters. There's also scuba diving and snorkeling for marine life contemplatives. And fishing of course, thanks to our motorized boat (or the old canoe of a local fisherman). Along the paths you'll find gargotes, little restaurants where to enjoy local meals.

Swimming in the lagoon, a natural swimming pool!

There is a picturesque local discotheque: "Casa Baby" – you have to see this at least once. Alternatively, another legendary nightclub named "Casa Nono" is located south of Sainte-Marie Island. Canoes cross the pass night and day.

The rooftop of the place "La Maison Blanche" (the white house) near the village, provides a remarkable panorama view of the entire island…

Hills of the isle