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Cool season (but not dry): from June to mid-August, mild temperatures from 18° at night, to 28° during the day. Thin and scattered rains from time to time.

Sweet season: from September to November, probably the best time in Sainte-Marie. Temperatures vary from 22 to 29 degrees. Little to no rain, otherwise nocturnal drizzles.

Hot season: from December to February. Tropical, warm and humid summer, up to 35 degrees during the day. Rain showers at night and at the end of the day.

Cyclonic period: from January to March. Across the east coast: from northeast to southeast. Potential season for hurricanes. Warm and humid weather, not unpleasant.

Hurricane Fantala

Above: a satellite image of hurricane Fantala (April 2016): it fortunately did not reached the coast…