Beach Lodge – Ile Aux Nattes, Sainte-Marie – Madagascar…
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Welcome to Analatsara Hotel, in Sainte-Marie (Nosy Boraha), Madagascar

Analatsara is an ensemble of six guest houses of which we voluntarily have limited the accommodation capacity in order to better preserve the friendliness of the premises.

Comfort and services : motorized boat transfers, gourmet restaurant, free unlimited Wi-Fi, hot water, electricity, laundry, payment by credit card accepted, traditional shows, nautical excursions…

« There all is order and beauty, luxury, peace, and pleasure. »

— Charles Beaudelaire


Analatsara – the fine forest in Malagasy – is an interlude suspended in time. Analatsara is a dream I managed to create and like to share with other dreamers. It's built entirely in respect of the local architecture but with a European comfort.

The hotel: an aerial point of view

'Ile Aux Nattes' Island: 3 kilometers from north to south – 2.5 km from east to west. A former promise land for pirates of the Indian Ocean. In the 18th century the island became a shelter for adventurers and dreamers looking for a new life…

Analatsara guest house, on 'Ile Aux Nattes' Island

Here, even today, we live in autonomy while respecting our environment. Everything is nothing but luxury of nature, calm and pleasure to be. Here one walks only barefoot on the white sand of beaches in front of a dream lagoon. Like images coming from the imagination of a crazy painter tirelessly mixing colors in a variation of blue.

The blue lagoon

Waves come and break on the coral reef, a precious jewel, a pearly shell surrounding and protecting the island. Whales go along this natural barrier to give birth and rest from their long journey, jumping from time to time, a privilege for our eyes to see.